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I Shoot People...

Hello! I'm 22 years old,
A part-time photographer for the
College Times in Tempe, AZ.
I aspire to be a professional and
currently shoot with a Sony a55.

Sometimes they dont show the whole photograph in the paper
so these are my photos with original edits.
Jul 9 '12

What’s a Model?

I’ve never been super shy on a shoot before. I was nervous. She was beautiful! And of course her first question was, “So what do you want to do?”

I never got into shooting models. Let alone already experienced, tattoo models. At first I thought I might take her into a studio and go that route, but I didn’t have access to one. Next I suggested her living space as I’m always a fan of people in their natural environment, but she lived in Surprise. So we settled on the Phoenix Convention Center because that’s were her event is going to be. Her husband and she started a tattoo convention that will premier next weekend. We took a couple of photos with her husband on the back of their car and then a few in-front of the actual building. Surprisingly, they came out really well and I’m pretty sure that’s mostly her doing but I’m happy that she liked the photograph I showed her from my LCD screen!

It was such a different experience but I’m happy to be out of my element sometimes. It helps me push my photo skills in ways that I haven’t before! Be sure to check out whichever photograph the paper decides to publish, and perhaps there will even be a little extra surprise :)